After 55 Plus


What is Segovia?
The first of its kind in the Palm Springs area, Segovia is an independent living community for seniors who no longer wish to live in a single family home or condo and who do not now require an assisted living facility. Segovia is a 5-Star transitional facility that allows you to live in condo like units, with full kitchens, but offers meals in the restaurants within the Segovia community for those who do not wish to cook. And when your medical needs change, Segovia will assist you in providing the services need for you to continue living in their independent lifestyle community, writing one check per month for everything.
The BDL TEAM offers the opportunity to work with you to discover the options you have and can:
  1. Provide you information
  2. Pick you up and take you on a scheduled tour of Segovia
  3. Appraise the value of your home
  4. Design a program with you to make the transition to Segovia as simple as possible, including selling your home for you to provide the funds you will need to move into Segovia.
  5. Make sure you have all the information you need to make the next phase of your independent living as wonderful a lifestyle as you deserve.  
Fill in the form below or call Billy D toll-free at 888-424-5593, and “We will make it happen!”